Royal Ulster Rifles & Northern Ireland War Museums.

Today S.A.S.H members paid a visit to the Royal Ulster Rifles Museum, Waring Street (Beside the Northern Whig) & the Northern Ireland War Memorial Home Front Exhibition in Talbot Street (Side of St Anne’s Cathedral).

Northern Ireland War Memorial Home Front Exhibition.

On our arrival to this museum we were met by ex, if there is ever such a thing, service man Bob Wright.

Bobs friendliness hits & relaxes you straight from the start. As he guides you around the exhibition his knowledge of what he is showing you & telling you about shines through. This man really knows his stuff & it’s refreshing to see how much he loves helping us to understand the facts & realities of war. His friendliness & the realisation that he himself has been part of it makes what we are learning all the more personal. Bob really does make this visit worthwhile & at the end of his tour, we have all learnt something new.

Bob then passed us over to Jenny Haslett, the education officer. Jenny, a lovely young lady, took us through a video of photo’s detailing the bombing of Belfast, taking us through the Belfast Blitz & also telling us the part which people from within Ireland played during the war, both within industry, building ships & airplanes, & within the services Home Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force or any other roll. Looking at these photos & listening to Jenny gave us a brief insight into what it must have been like to live during these times.

These two museums offer a look at what the people of Belfast & other parts of Ireland went through during times of war. They tell the harsh realities of war, the death & carnage, they tell us about the sorrow & suffering of those involved & those caught up within it, they also tell us of the sacrifice of those who joined our Armed Services to keep us all safe. They tell us of their bravery & the heroic deeds they carried out.

Those who have died in the past & those who may die in future conflicts should never be forgotten. They should be Remembered Forever & With Pride.

These museums help to keep our history alive & we should all take time to visit these places.

Thank You Bob Wright & Jenny Haslett.

Shankill Area Social History.


Remembering Our Past For Those In The Future.

Visits to place s like these are vital if we are ever to grasp who & what we are about.

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